Physio Matt Beavis, treating a patients knee pain.

At Physio Revolution we are proud to deliver high quality care to our clients. Using a combination of hands on manual therapy, education, gym based rehabilitation and home management strategies, our clients receive best practice care at all times.

As first line health practitioners, physiotherapists do not require a referral and are able to refer for medical imaging as required. 

Appointment times at Physio Revolution are approximately 30 minutes for an initial or standard consultation and these are both claimable through your private health fund. During your initial appointment, your physiotherapist will ask you what brings you into the clinic, establish your goals and work through relevant information that may assist in the diagnostic process. Following this, we will conduct a thorough physical assessment to establish and implement an individualised management plan. 

If hands on therapy is indicated, our physios use a combination of massage, dry needling, taping and joint mobilisations. In this time, a comprehensive plan for your rehabilitation will be outlined to you together with discussion of recommended lifestyle adjustments that may help you. Finally, your physio will take you through a home exercise program which may include aerobic, strength or mobility exercises. 

Whilst set up in a high performance facility, we certainly still find great joy in helping people who have any post-operative or musculoskeletal pain including but not limited to back and neck pain, headaches or arthritis.