Physio Matt Beavis discussing treatment with a patient.

Matt Beavis, Director.

Physio Revolution at Athletic Institute

Physio Revolution at Athletic Institute combines some of Perth’s leading injury management professionals. Led by Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist Matt Beavis, Physio Revolution is changing the way physio is delivered in Perth’s northern suburbs. We are passionate about closing the gap between elite athletes and weekend warriors and together with the Athletic Institute high performance team, we want to empower the next generation of athletes.  

Physiotherapist Matt Beavis, assisting a gym goer.

A High Performance Facility – Accessible for All

With full access to Athletic Institute’s gym and high performance testing technology, come and experience a new way of Physio. Whether you are injured, looking to reduce injury risk or are in need of help to achieve a goal, we would love to join you on that journey. 

Whilst Physio Revolution is set up in a high performance facility, we certainly still find great joy in helping people who have any post-operative or musculoskeletal pain including but not limited to back and neck pain, headaches or arthritis.

Physiotherapy Services

Physio Matt Beavis, treating a patients knee pain.
a weightlifter
Injury Prevention
Physiotherapist Matt Beavis, assisting a gym goer.

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