Injury Prevention

You’ve heard it before, but the age old cliché of “prevention is better than cure” rings true in any setting. Whether you’re an aspiring olympic swimmer, basketballer, AFL player or wanting to run 5km for the first time, then this is true for you.

Our physio team are experts in sports specific screenings which can expose clear strength deficits or problems in your current training, which, if left undetected can manifest into injury or missed time from training or competition. 

These screenings consist of a thorough history taking of any past injuries in conjunction with movement analysis of functional tasks applicable to your goal. We will also use relevant technology at Athletic Institute such as force plate analysis and dynamometry (muscle strength testing) to ensure an individualised and comprehensive management plan is established. 

On completion of your individualised and comprehensive management plan, your physio will get you started on a training program and liaise with the expert strength and conditioning coaches and exercise physiologists at Athletic Institute to ensure we can make meaningful change in your training plan.