The neck or cervical spine is a very important structure to the human body. It protects the blood vessels to the brain, houses the nerves that control your upper body function and enables the head to move so that you can explore the world. 

Unfortunately, it is also the source of a lot of peoples’ pain. With so many structures that could be involved, it is important that a thorough subjective and physical assessment is undertaken to ensure you are safe to be attending physiotherapy for your neck. 

The neck is quite often the cause of headaches (stay tuned for another blog specifically on headaches), arm pain and tension type pain. Hands on treatment to the neck can include joint mobilisations, soft tissue release and dry needling. As with almost every musculoskeletal problem we see at Physio Revolution, exercise is a huge part of what we prescribe and educate in. It is important to maintain 30 minutes of aerobic activity, regular postural changes throughout the day (especially if you are in a repetitive or desk based job) as well as improving general upper body strength. 

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